4: Company Logo


Your company logo should be a combination of your other branding elements.

Taking your business name, colors, imagery, font and sometimes a slogan you create a logo which identifies your company in one concise location. It should be quick to recognize, different from the competition and identify what your business does. Particularly if your business name is not descriptive (that is, you can’t tell what type of business you run from the name such as Joe’s Chimney sweep) the imagery is a great place to integrate the descriptive element into your logo and company identity.

One mistake people often make when building their company logo is only considering one display medium. For example, If Joe’s chimney sweep is in a hurry to get their new logo finished so it can be printed on the side of their new trucks, but they fail to consider how it will look on their website, letterhead or business cards. Particularly if you’re not hiring a professional company to develop your corporate identity make sure you consider how your logo will look in the following different places and printing types.

– paper
– boxes
– business cards
– large sign on building
– cars & trucks
– your website
– other websites such as yellowpages where you might only get a small logo
– embossed
– black & white
– square shaped
– rectangle shaped

It’s best for companies to not change the logo often as it’s one of the main things consumers will recognize. It takes a great deal of time for consumers to recognize and trust a brand, often over the course of years. In some cases the original business has changed, but the brand will live on in the consumers mind continuing to bring business even if the original product or service is no longer worthy of the consumers attention as there are lower cost higher quality alternatives.

A brand is a very powerful thing and your logo is a key part of your brand.