3: Imagery, Colors and more


Once you’ve got your company name established, it’s time to move onto other elements of your company branding.

One of my favourite examples of using colors to brand your business is Home Depot. They own the color orange in the consumers mind and you can see their stores sometimes from a mile away. By printing the bright orange “Homer Buckets” and other supplies with their colors, name and logo the branding is carried forward even from their customers purchases.

Choosing the right colors and imagery can really cement your brand in the consumers mind.

Using Imagery to carry your brand through is a great way to make up for what might be missing from your company name. If you’re company name is unique, that is doesn’t directly include what your company is about, now is where you can make up for that. Using colors and pictures you’ll be teaching consumers what your brand is all about every time they see it. It will always take time and money, but eventually the consumer will see the unique name and understand what your company is all about.