Mocha features

When they say Mocha is feature-rich, they aren’t kidding! Mocha is full of testing features including:

browser support
simple async support, including promises
test coverage reporting
string diff support
javascript API for running tests
proper exit status for CI support etc
auto-detects and disables coloring for non-ttys
maps uncaught exceptions to the correct test case
async test timeout support
test retry support
test-specific timeouts
growl notification support
reports test durations
highlights slow tests
file watcher support
global variable leak detection
optionally run tests that match a regexp
auto-exit to prevent “hanging” with an active loop
easily meta-generate suites & test-cases
mocha.opts file support
clickable suite titles to filter test execution
node debugger support
detects multiple calls to done()
use any assertion library you want
extensible reporting, bundled with 9+ reporters
extensible test DSLs or “interfaces”
before, after, before each, after each hooks
arbitrary transpiler support (coffee-script etc)
TextMate bundle
and more!