CSS preprocessor rundown

It’s time for another CSS Preprocessor comparison. With over over 10 Preprocessors in the wild, it’s getting harder to choose the right one for your organization to use. The reasons to use a preprocessor are many – change a variable in one place instead of many to change a color! – better @imports, by compiled […]

Just what is a JS linter?

To put it simply, linting tools helps us avoid silly mistakes when writing JavaScript! There are many available. JSLint is the oldest, and is still quite good. It doesn’t have a configuration file, which can make customization difficult, but it works pretty well out of the box. JSHint was developed to be a more customizable […]

How do I find out my current long distance phone provider in Canada?

In Canada to find out your current long distance phone provider phone the following number: Call 1-700-555-4141 You’ll then hear a message telling you your current long distance provider. Who has the best long distance rates in Canada? Do I need to change my home phone provider? Can I use different long distance providers for […]

Macbook Air vs ZenBook (UX305FA-ASM1)

When choosing a small new computer, the first choice you make is getting something like a chromebook or other low-powered small machine vs a more powerful Ultrabook. I created this review for those who already know they want an ultrabook that can handle more intensive computing tasks such as running photoshop, basic video editing or […]

How to use Google Tag Manager

Using Google Tag Manager you can update tracking tags for your website and mobile apps anytime you want without having to change code on your websites or apps. While there are many great uses of google tag manager, I wanted to remove my hardcoded Google analytics codes as they were attracting a ton of referral […]

Adblock Plus releases Adblock Browser

News today from Ad Block Plus on their Android development. Apparently, using the Firefox browser source, they’ve developed a browser with built-in powerful ad blocking technology. Adblock Browser 1.0 for Android is in open beta· 2015-05-20 10:00 by Felix Dahlke For the past few months, we’ve been working on a mobile browser with adblocking tightly integrated. […]

How to update Apple Watch iOS software?

Another new device is yet another device that needs updates. On such a small device you’re probably wondering how you do that? First connect your iPhone to Wifi, and start the Watch app. In the “My Watch tab”, go to General -> Software Update. Hit “Download and Install”, agree to the terms and install. You’ll […]

Google Keep on your iPhone

I’ve heard from a few Evernote users who are tired of the bloat and just want a simple note taking app and system like Google Keep. It’s fast, easy to use and awesome! The problem for people like me who have both iOS and Android devices that I like to use regularly is keep everything […]

HTML CSS newspaper style text layout

Recently, I needed for format a WordPress blog to have a two column newspaper style layout. I can be nice to have this layout to make text easier to read on larger monitors and devices. It’s a good idea to keep things responsive, so the columns will collapse on smaller devices such as phones or […]

eLearning on the bus

One of the great things about eLearning is that you can do it anywhere, anytime. I’ve started working on an online course on the way to work on the bus. The particular course I’m doing has audio / video as well as reading lessons. I simply pop in headphones so I don’t bother anyone else. […]